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Product Feature: Bergara B14 HMR

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 11:47:26 AM America/Chicago

A name starting to pop up in the firearms world lately is Bergara Rifles. While Bergara might be fairly new to the market here in the United States, they are actually a long-standing Spanish company that has mostly stayed behind the scenes in the gun industry. 

For years, Bergara’s bread and butter was supplying AR-15 and pistol barrels to many gun makers in the industry. Not long ago, Bergara began crafting custom built rifles with their own components. They used this momentum to grow into producing factory-made rifles for the hunting and shooting public. 

Four years ago, Bergara came out with the B14 series of rifles. These guns are very comparable to the Remington 700 series, but with strategic improvements. With the B14 series you can add accessories, such as box mag systems and scope mounts which we have an abundance of here at Bowie. 

The ergonomics and comfort of the B14 HMR are its strongpoints for sure. Settling in to shoot one of these rifles just feels right. For the price, it’s become a favorite here at Bowie Outfitters. Our customers who have purchased B14’s have had nothing but great reviews. You are getting a great gun for the money with a B14 HMR. The cost of the Bergara HMR is not due to cutting corners however- this is a lifetime gun. 

The B14 HMR has a polymer stock embedded with an aluminum skeleton for strength and durability. This gun is a hunting rifle at heart with its thin stock and trim. The B14 also works for long-range target shooters though with a beavertail stock design that is adjustable for length of pull through a spacer system and an specially engineered adjustable cheek piece.

The B14 HMR’s bolt operation and feed is super smooth and the ejection port is large enough for easy single loading and unloading. Bergara’s proprietary trigger has zero creep and it breaks cleanly at about 3.5 pounds. The trigger is set up well for hunting as well as target shooting- a consistent quality of the gun overall. 

To see the Beragra B14HMR in person and to talk to our gun experts about it, come see us at Bowie Outfitters today. 

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Posted By Lea Benoit

Bowie Baton Rouge Archery Expert Tags Two Trophies in Midwest

Monday, November 26, 2018 8:17:52 AM America/Chicago

Baton rouge archery

Troy Laborde of Baton Rouge set his previous big buck bowhunting record in Kansas last year, killing a 160-inch 11-point buck that weighed in at 250lbs. This year, in November, he broke that record. Then 48hrs later, he broke it again.

“Every year I take a trip to the Midwest in November. I go there because, any given day, the buck of a lifetime could walk out,” says Laborde, a Louisiana bowhunter, and the in-house archery professional at Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge. "This year I tagged out early in Kansas so I decided to head to Missouri on the same trip."

In Kansas this year, Troy killed a 10pt that green-scored 168 inches and weighed in at a massive 280lbs. Troy arrowed the buck at 32 yards, and probably hasn’t stopped grinning since. 

“Then I transferred over to Missouri,” says Laborde, “There, I met a farmer and had the privilege to hunt on his land. I was hunting a 15-acre tract and killed the deer from the ground sitting in a hollowed out tree."

There in Missouri, Laborde nailed a 14pt buck that green-scored 184 and 1/4 inches. “The deer came in early that morning but I didn’t get flustered. I actually let  him pass me at first because it was too early to see my pins,” Laborde details. “He came back in later and I shot him at 40 yards."Baton rouge archery

Laborde says that finding the right spot to hunt was the key to success. “On each hunt, I put myself in an area I knew the deer would be coming to: a pinch point, not just a random spot,” Laborde says. “If a rutting buck is pushing a doe around, he’s going to want to move her to certain areas to get her away from competing bucks. So we go to those areas and set up.”

Finding the right location was important, but mostly Laborde attributes his amazing accomplishments to his faith and trust in God. "I am just thankful that the Lord allows me to do this in the first place. Without him, I wouldn't be here and I felt like this hunt was possible because of him" 

Laborde also chalked his win up to how much he’s practiced. “I shoot year-round professionally.” Laborde’s is a familiar face on the Baton Rouge archery circuit. “I also just make sure my gear is perfectly timed and tuned. My bow is setup to be very accurate. Some people set up theirs to look or feel nice, but as a hunter, my equipment needs to be precise.”

For more details on how Laborde managed these personal-record breaking kills this fall—and how you can succeed like that too--head on over to the archery department at Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge and you can ask Laborde himself, surely with a big grin still on his face.   

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Posted By Lea Benoit